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Welcome to Villa Von Trap, a ceramic studio where creativity and nostalgia come together. I turn the banalities of life into works of art. One such passion project, Plat d' Ostende, is a collection of ceramics that pay tribute to the rich seafood culture of Ostende
As a washed-up Fleming, moving to Ostend in 2021 was a chance to immerse myself in the local community and explore the unique beauty of the Belgian coast. The North Sea, terraces, fishing mines, retro beach chairs, and booths that characterize Ostend have become the inspiration for my designs.

Plat d'Ostende is my way of integrating into this seaside city. It's my personal approach to expressing my love for the local culture and preserving its unique charm through my art. Each piece is carefully crafted and tells a story of the memories and experiences that have shaped my time in Ostend.

I invite you to explore my collection and discover the beauty of Ostend through my eyes. Thank you for visiting Villa Von Trap. 🦐




My webshop is getting an update on a regular base,
so make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram account for
the latest launches. Catch them while they're fresh! 🎣

Are you looking for something truly one-of-a-kind?
I specialize in creating unique pieces just for you.
Whether it's a vase for your bridal bouquet, a unique
tableware set, a sculpture, or something completely
different, we can make it happen.

Making a unique piece takes time and care,
so please allow for a delivery period
of 6-8 weeks.

Let's work together, contact me and
we will discuss how to create 
your unique piece. 🦞

📞 Contact me through email or
text me (+32 489 25 94 12)︎︎︎IG

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